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TcT Investments was created to help people & businesses improve their credit health and financial lifestyle. We strive to ensure the best possible results for our clients while enlightening through financial & credit education. We are dedicated to making sure our clients are first priority.

I have been in the credit services business for over 12 years helping people obtain loans. Although I was able to help many people there were always a portion of my clientele that I was unable to help due to challenged credit. I never liked to turn good people away from my services which led me to find alternative methods to help them. After educating myself on the consumer protection laws I knew I finally found a way to help my credit challenged customers. For the years to come I created specialized methods in dealing with the credit bureaus and creditors to get fast and accurate results for my clients. With great success helping my clients I knew that the public needed to know about credit restoration.



We know how much bad credit can hold you & your business back! It may be for a house, a car, or a loan, but regardless we know you need results...Fast! 

We promise to attack every item simultaneously across all 3 major credit bureaus from the start, to ensure the quickest and best results. We stand behind our clients and commit to do whatever is necessary to make our clients happy